SLIG First-Time Institute Attendee

The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, sponsored by the Utah Genealogical Association, inauguarated this scholarship in 2016 to help first-time institute attendees defray the costs of attending and take advantage of this unique type of educational opportunity.

Who may apply:

Any past institute participant will testify of the in-depth educational benefits an institute offers. Many consider an institute to be the foundation of their ongoing genealogical education program. But to the individuals who are eligible for this scholarship, the concept is a new one - a very unique, intriguing way to build a more solid foundation or to take their skills to the next level on a specific topic. They are probably not yet employed in the industry, or are working in a related non-research position; are most likely not advanced in their research skills; and might even be self-taught. Regardless of level of experience, they have a few things in common:

  1. they have not yet attended any of the national genealogical institutes prio to SLIG 2020;
  2. they are ready for a more in-depth learning experience at an intermediate (or above) level; and
  3. they would like to attend SLIG.
If you fit this description, you are eligible to apply.

What the scholarship includes:

Applicants will receive full tuition toward the course of their choice for SLIG; a seat will be pre-reserved prior to the opening of registration.

Genealogists transitioning from a self-taught environment to an institute may wish to consider taking the SLIG virtual course "Intermediate Foundations" offered in the fall before attending SLIG; however, that is not required.

Applicants are asked to submit the following via email to the SLIG Director:

  1. A short essay (less than one page) outlining why you want to further your genealogical education.
  2. A statement (one to two paragraphs) indicating what you hope to gain from your first institute experience.
  3. A list of previous genealogy education programs or conferences attended.
  4. The name of the course you hope to attend, and why you have chosen that course.

Applications are due June 1, 2019.

Previous Winners (listed by year attended)

2018: Jennifer Grimm Henricksen

2017: Emily Kowalski Schroeder

2016: Cheri Hudson Passey